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Teryl Rothery: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom Part 5

Teryl Rothery: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom Part 5

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Date: April 27
Time: 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7PM BT

We are honored to continue our "Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom" series, a journey that began with Amanda Tapping and now warmly welcomes Teryl Rothery. Many know Teryl for her beloved role as Dr. Janet Fraiser in Stargate SG-1, where she captured our hearts with her compassion, strength, and resilience. Today, she continues to inspire us off-screen through her personal journey into the realms of intuitive coaching, meditation, and wellness practices.

Exclusive Post-Livestream Meditation Session:

  • Join Teryl Rothery: Following the livestream, we're offering an intimate meditation session led by Teryl herself. Dive deeper into mindfulness and self-care with guidance from someone who has passionately embraced this path.
  • Limited Spots Available: Only 20 seats open for this special 20-minute session, priced at $40.

About This Special Event: This fourth installment of "Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom" bridges Teryl Rothery's transformative journey from her iconic role in Stargate SG-1 to her current passion for helping others through intuitive coaching and meditation. 

Seize this unique opportunity to explore mental wellness and mindfulness with Teryl Rothery, and see firsthand how the principles of empathy and healing seen in Stargate can extend into real life.

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