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Star Trek VIP Hollywood Dinner Party

Star Trek VIP Hollywood Dinner Party

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This donation to the Hollywood Food Coaltion gives you and up to 3 friends a once in a lifetime adventure in Los Angeles. But don't take our word for it:

You and up to three of your pals or spare husbands/wives (remember, I’m a Denobulan) are invited to attend a dinner party high up in the West Hollywood Hills at Dr Phil Phlox’s house, replete with nothing but Star Trek guests - actors, designers, writers, directors  . . . and youze guys.

“Think cocktails first, overlooking the city; then a multi course al fresco candlelit meal under the stars, then a little bit of post-prandial unwinding in front of the outdoor fireplace. Mingle, laugh and nosh with some of your favorite Trek luminaries from some of your favorite shows.

“You have to get yourself to LA and put yourself up and make your way to my house via Uber or Lyft (you’ll probably get tootled on Rigelian ale, so don’t plan on driving), but once there you’ll have BUT ONE MISSION - to be the honored guest at a party of lovely Trek celebs  who, the more they unwind, the more they tattle... 

“You’ll go away happy, you’ll have made some new pals, you’ll have had a once in a lifetime experience if you’re a TREK fan, and most importantly:  you’ll have helped out THE HOLLYWOOD FOOD COALITION, an amazing organization that does tons of great things to help people in need in and around Los Angeles.

“No expiry date, although I’m not getting any younger, so don’t take too long... I’ll arrange the party around your availability!”

- John Billingsley

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